Are your training sessions getting repetitive, boring? Are you looking for new ideas? The following Books, DVDs, Magazines may provide the help and inspiration you are looking for.

The books, DVDs or magazines below are available to club members only to borrow, ask our club Brian at the club’s monthly meetings or contact him by telephoning 01952 223824 or e-mail

Defensive Soccer Tactics. (Paperback – 220 Pages) 12:22 PM, Jul 20 2008
This guide explains how to develop a well-organized, impenetrable defence, from single-player to marking techniques to whole-team systems and strategies. More than 100 diagrams accompany the text to show proper defensive positioning and movements in all types of situations.   View chapters of this book online.Read More
248 Drills for attacking soccer. (Paperback – 265 Pages) 12:22 PM, Jul 20 2008
It is in the attacking game that the player’s ability to react correctly to difficult situations comes to the fore. The exercises in this book are designed to teach your players to make exact evaluations in critical moments and look for suitable solutions without prescribing to a prearranged strategy.Read More
101 Youth Soccer Drills age 12 to 16. (Paperback – 128 Pages) 12:22 PM, Jul 20 2008
A wide range of fully illustrated progressive practice drills, which cover the essential skills as well as warming up and down, are included to help such young players to develop. Passing, shooting, heading, dribbling and running with the ball, crossing and even goalkeeping all come under close scrutiny.Read More
101 Youth Soccer Drills age 7 to 11. (Paperback – 128 Pages) 12:22 PM, Jul 20 2008
101 TipsDesigned specifically for players aged 7 to 11, this manual contains a wide range of practice drills to help young players develop. All drills are illustrated and cover the essential technical skills including: warm up, dribbling and running with the ball, passing, shooting, heading, crossing, goalkeeping and warming down. Each drill contains information on the equipment needed, the space required and how to organize the players.Read More