Where We Live

Our Club is named after Shropshire’s most famous landmark -The Wrekin. Three thousand years ago our Bronze Age ancestors built their fortifications on the top and 500 years later Celts built the hillfort we see now.

A thousand years ago our English ancestors expected the end of the world, predicted in the Book of Revelations.  All over Europe many starved to death while waiting on mountains for Armageddon.

We can imagine our locals going up The Wrekin for the first millennium but coming back down when they were cold and hungry to carry on their lives.

The Normans proclaimed The Wrekin a royal forest and its deer and boar were for royal hunters only.

There was, for many years, a fair on the summit which lasted for three days.  The practice of walking up The Wrekin was encouraged by an ironmaster of Ketley to keep his employees fit.  Nowadays, walking up The Wrekin is as popular as ever, hundreds taking part, especially at weekends.

How The Wrekin was Formed!

Many thousands of years ago there were fiends and ogres and monsters lurking in the forests. A wicked Giant from Wales held a grievance against the town of Shrewsbury.  He came with a tremendous spadeful of earth intent on damming the River Severn and flooding the town.

At Wellington he was met by a wise cobbler who, having no wish to lose his customers in Shrewsbury, decided to outwit the monster.

The cobbler was carrying a sack of shoes at the time and told the giant he had worn them all out walking from Shrewsbury.   Thereupon the giant, believing his  goal so distant and being wearied of his load,  threw his spade of earth down in disgust and so The Wrekin was formed.   Being a clean and tidy giant he then used the top of his spade to scrape the mud off his boots, thus making the smaller hill named The Ercall.